Hip Replacement Surgery

Nowadays hip replacement surgery has become a commonplace procedure.Total hip replacement (THR) is a surgical procedure that relieves pain from most kinds of hip arthritis, improving the quality of life for the large majority of patients who undergo the operation.

Revision Hip Joint Replacement

Revision hip replacement surgery is a procedure to replace a worn out hip replacement implant. Hip replacements are among the most common procedures performed by orthopedic surgeons. This surgery is incredibly successful, and have excellent results in the vast majority of patients. The problem, unfortunately, is that over time hip replacements wear out.

Hip replacements wear out very slowly, but the problem does progress over the years. 10 years after a hip replacement, there is a 90% chance the implant will be functioning well. 20 years after surgery, the chance is about 80%. By 25-30 years after surgery, about 50% of hip replacements are still working well. Patients who wear out their prosthesis will require a revision hip replacement surgery.

Hip Replacement

Why do hip replacements wear out?

Hip replacements can go bad for a number of reasons. These include:

  • Loosening of the hip replacement
  • Infection of the hip replacement
  • Breakage or wearing out of the implant
  • Damage to the bone surrounding the implant
The most common problem with hip replacements is that they begin to loosen over time.
Further Information Total Hip Replacement Surgery :
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