Hip Resurfacing vs Hip Surface Replacement
Hip resurfacing involves replacing damaged surfaces in the hip joint with metal surfaces. This procedure can be useful for patients under 65 with advanced hip disease
Hip resurfacing surgery is an alternative to standard hip replacements for patients with severe arthritis. In hip resurfacing surgery, the implant is smaller, and less normal bone is removed. Hip resurfacing is gaining interest, especially in younger patients
Mr Hugh Blackley was the first to pioneer modern hip resurfacing in New Zealand in 2003. He was trained by the designers and remains a strong advocate for the technique. He has done the most hip resurfacings of any surgeon in New Zealand and currently does 2-3 per week. He remains the most experienced surgeon in New Zealand in the procedure and is on the Australiasian Surgical Advisory Panel for Birmingham Hip Resurfacing.
Hip Resurfacing Candidates for Surgery

This operation is primarily intended for use in people who are in need of a hip placement at a younger age. There are certain causes of arthritis of the hip which mean that this technique cannot be used - namely those who have resulted in extreme deformity of either the head of the femur or the acetabulum.

For people needing a hip replacement under the age of 55, regular consideration is given for this procedure. People aged between 55 and 65 who are very active and otherwise fit may also be suitable and this will be determined by their bone quality. Hip Resurfacing procedure may be considered for people over the age of 65, however, this would need to be discussed and a decision reached in a more interrogative way because a conventional the type of hip replacement in somebody of this age group stands an extremely good chance of lasting them the rest of their lives.

Patients who need to have hip replacements under the age of 50 - 55, assuming they have normal life span, have a very high chance that the conventional hip replacement will wear out and need to be replaced in their lifetime - hence the hip resurfacing surgery offers potentially significant advantages in this group.

Hip Resurfacing Surgery
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